Initial Assessment

Your initial assessment will consist of a detailed history followed by a thorough physical evaluation. This assessment determines the source of the problem and forms a treatment to suit your needs. The findings of the assessment will be discussed then followed with a treatment plan involving Physiotherapy techniques.
The initial assessment will last approximately 1 hour

What to Wear

For your initial assessment please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing and if your symptoms involve the legs, please wear shorts.
I will provide towels, massage oil and (where relevant) I can provide tape and exercise theraband.

Treatment bed


Treatment involves a combination of physical 'hands-on' techniques and specific exercises lasting approximately 1 hour which includes 15 minutes to assess. Any follow up sessions will last 45 minutes

Treatments include:

  • Manual therapy
  • Soft tissue techniques
  • Personalised exercise therapy
  • Pilates, core stability
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Ergonomic & postural advice

Physiotherapy addresses stiffness, muscle imbalance and stability. This reduces discomfort, restores human movement/function and prevents recurrence.
The number of treatments required is variable depending on the condition and will be discussed at your initial appointment. Treatments can vary in frequency but are usually once a week. As soon as appropriate, longer intervals between treatments are given as a large emphasis can be self-management. Many will begin to feel the benefits almost instantly with the information about the symptoms, self-help tips and re-assurance.

Hip treatment
Neck treatment

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, relaxing, and highly effective hands-on therapy which works on the fascia and connective tissue of muscles. The light moves used in treatment send messages to the central nervous system which encourages the body to heal. Bowen helps to reduce stress and muscle tension. In doing so this encourages musculoskeletal realignment which promotes healing and repair throughout your body. Simply stated, Bowen helps to restore, rebalance, and re-align your body.

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